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$215.00 $149.95

This pan is my "daily workhorse"...I cook for 2, but often with plans for another meal's worth of left-overs, and this is the pan that stays on top of the stove at all times. (Actually, it shares the space with the Scanpan 6 & 1/2 qt Stock Pot...they can share a lid.)

I'll use the Stock Pot to cook up rice or pasta or other starch, typically, and use the Saute Pan to create the "sauce" or remainder of the dish; I love the depth of this pan over a Fry Pan for just this reason. And it's still easy enough to get a spatula into. That it rinses out in 5 seconds makes the whole business just that much better. Pasta sauces, Indian, Thai, whatever...perfect.

I've given nearly a dozen of these as wedding or Christmas gifts, that's how much I think of them.
Peter Murray 10/15/2007