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My sister turned me on to the Scanpan line three years ago. We are slowly replacing all of our fry and saute pans with this line. I have used professional cookware for many years and am tired of having things stick and burn if not watched every single second. With the Scanpan, even at high temperatures, searing meats is a simple procedure. No fat cooking is easy and the cleanup - simply rinse with hot water while the pan is still hot - is just short of a miracle. The ONLY thing to consider is that they are heavy. Not as heavy as cast iron but in between. I dropped my big fry pan onto my toe the first time. The second time I let it fall to the floor, the rim was dented a little bit, but it did Not hamper its cooking abilities. They are awesome for making sauces such as hollandaise, bernaise,reductions and great on gravies. You can use metal utensils with them but I prefer silicone for just about everything except when I am using cast iron. The heat evenly distributes even on the nastiest of electric stoves. They are definitely worth the investment.