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Scanpan Classic Blinis Pan

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Scanpan Classic Blinis Pan

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11X11 Scanpan Classic Blinis Pan Blini could be called pancakes with pedigree. They are Russian in origin, and made from a yeast-risen batter that creates puffed tiny pancakes. Typical toppings include sour cream and roe, or caviar, making them fairly standard on menus or at catering events of a certain caliber — especially when more expensive caviar is used. Blintzes, though similar in name, should be distinguished from blini. Generally, blintzes are a much thinner pancake, without yeast, that may be very similar to the crepe. These tend to be stuffed with fruit, savory ingredients or ricotta cheese, and browned in oil, and are called in Russia, where the blini originates, blinchiki. Sometimes spelled bliny, these Russian pancakes — when referred to singly — are called blin. In American cookery no such distinction may exist for most chefs. Blini may mean one cake or more. There’s also some dispute as to what ingredients are most important in the blini. In particular, there are chefs who advocate for wheat flour, while others prefer using buckwheat. Chefs may adapt recipes and add other flour types to create differently flavored cakes.