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Lids and Spares

Measuring replacement lids
  • Measure the POT... do not measure the lid
  • Measure per the photo below ... from Center-RIM to Center-RIM.
  • This means that its NOT outer edge of rim to outer edge of rim and NOT inner edge of rim to inner edge of rim.
  • Its from the center of the rim to the center of the rim.
  • Note that Classic, IQ, Pro fry pans are not designed for lids. In this case the lids sit just slightly inside the rim.

    Please note that these lids are for use with Scanpan Classic products only.
    Also note that there are instances where carbon buildup, and age may cause slight size differences on older cookware products.
    We are not responsible for size variations on older products over extended periods of time.
    Bending cookware to force fit a lid may void your Scanpan warranty.

  • Model Product Image Item Name Price
    20001212 8 Heat Resistant Cover

    8 Heat Resistant Cover

    $39.00  $28.95


    16001212 6 Heat Resistant Cover

    6 Heat Resistant Cover

    $36.00  $26.95


    18001212 7 Heat Resistant Cover

    7 Heat Resistant Cover

    $38.00  $27.95

    Only 5 at this price

    24001212 9" Heat Resistant Cover

    9" Heat Resistant Cover

    $42.00  $29.95

    Only 3 at this price

    26001212 10 Heat Resistant Cover

    10 Heat Resistant Cover

    $43.00  $32.95


    28001212 11 Heat Resistant Cover

    11 Heat Resistant Cover

    $49.00  $34.95


    32001212 12 Heat Resistant Cover

    12 Heat Resistant Cover

    $50.00  $36.95


    36908000 14 Heat Resistant Glass Lid

    14 Heat Resistant Glass Lid

    $67.00  $49.95

    Only 4 at this price

    SPN60000 Classic Knob Set

    Classic Knob Set

    $12.00  $9.95


    28008000 11 Stainless Cover for Stir Fry

    11 Stainless Cover for Stir Fry

    $40.00  $29.95


    32008000 12 Stainless Cover for Stir Fry

    12 Stainless Cover for Stir Fry

    $45.00  $34.95


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